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Post-Surgical and Physical Disability Support

Surgery or a hospital stay of any kind can limit your ability to return to normal daily activities. Our skilled staff offers a wide variety of services, from meal preparation to transportation, in addition to giving you or your loved one nursing care on the road to recovery. Our home health aides, nursing aides and nurses also offer support for those with physical disabilities such as arthritis, nerve damage and blindness, conditions that can make it difficult for patients to care for themselves. Our caregivers can assist with tasks such as eating, exercising and daily hygiene.

Companionship and Respite Care

Our staff provides you or your loved one with a trusted, caring individual who can assist with daily chores like shopping, bill paying and transport to and from doctors' appointments. At Celtic Companionship Care, we try to establish a bond with our patients, in the form of assistance or just a friendly ear in what can be a difficult time in anyone's life. We also offer relief to caregivers who are often overwhelmed giving in-home care to a parent or other family member. This respite care can be the difference between living in emotional and physical overload, or living in a supported and relatively normal life, as you are faced with the challenges of in-home care for your loved one.

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Dementia and
End-of-Life Care

Dementia affects not only the patients themselves, but family members as well. Our experienced staff not only cares for the patient, but also helps family members cope with this difficult disease. Our goal is to help everyone maintain a good quality of life while facing the challenges of dementia. Our skilled staff also works closely with Hospice to address the needs of those facing end-of-life issues. Patients and family members need skilled and compassionate care at times like these.

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Nutrition, Exercise and Daily Living

It's so important for you or your loved one to receive the proper nutrition, to remain as active as possible and to maintain good daily hygiene practices. Our staff can help with meal preparation; assist with feeding; and ensure that the client is eating and hydrating regularly. We can also (depending on the physical situation of the client) accompany on walks; oversee prescribed exercise regimens; and assist with activities that promote movement. Your caregiver will make sure that daily-living activities like bathing and dressing are performed, and we will assist in carrying them out.

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